How some Youths FEEL about their problems

  • No one pays attention to me
  • No one listens to me
  • I have no one to talk to
  • No one cares what happens to me
  • No one understands me
  • Nothing interests me
  • I’m bored
  • I don’t care what happens to me
  • I’m lonely
  • I feel left out
  • I feel depressed
  • I feel no one wants me
  • I feel useless
  • I feel no one cares what happens to me
  • I don’t know what to do, so I do nothing.
  • It’s not my responsibility.
  • I can’t make a difference, so why bother?
  • It’s too hard to even try.

Pertains to Teens Especially

  • No one can help me.
  • Why should I even try?
  • Everyone says I’m bad, that I’m going to fail, that I’ll never be anybody.
    So I’m going to prove them right!
  • I can’t trust anyone.
  • I have to do whatever is necessary to support my family.
  • I have to put on a “front” to my peers to show them I’m tough.
  • No one cares about my problems, so I keep everything to myself.
  • I’m the victim of a lot of things that aren’t my fault.
  • I don’t feel safe.
  • I’m afraid.
  • I am sick of being bullied.

Some Related Excerpts from

HUMANS OF NEW YORK  by Brandon Stanton.

The book Humans of New York is 428 pages of superlative photos of various people and their “from the heart” comments on their life.

A boy about 8. “My dad is being a huge asshole right now. He told me all I do is cost him money. I don’t care if you write that. I already did an art piece about it.” Page 38.

A girl about 15, sitting on a park bench. “What’s your greatest fear?”… “Loneliness. And suicide. But mainly loneliness.” Page 82.

A man’s hand holding a cell phone. On the cell phone is a photo of a girl dressed in her college graduation gown and cap, proudly holding up her new college diploma. “Never laid a hand on her. And that was huge for me. Because it was always the first thing my dad did.” Page 221.

A man about 40 lying on a pillow on a sidewalk. “I found my mom’s meth stash when I was four.”
“What did you do with it?”…  “I ate it.” Page 381.