Helping Youth Success Stories


Here are some inspirational success stories of wonderful organizations that have mad a significant difference in the lives of At Risk Youth. You can also read the original stories and more details via the “See more”  URL links.

Boys and Girls Club of Kenosha – DeAngelo, Youth Worker and Member

“My life before the club: Before the club I was at home, playing outside with my friends.  Ever since then I have been coming every day. The club gave me my first job so now I’m here every day. Drug dealing, carjacking, all that gangster stuff, well that wasn’t me.”  See more

Boys and Girls Club of Kenosha – Lorrie, Age 18

“The Boys & Girls Club has helped me think twice about what I want to do with my life. Before I used to only worry about passing to the next grade with at least a D and finishing high school. Now I get A’s and B’s. The Boys & Girls Club helped me reach my goal of becoming a better person and make positive decisions in my life. See more

Boys and Girls Club of Kenosha –  Lori, Age 17

“Through attending the Club I realized how everyone was into basketball, but back then my family didn’t really play basketball. One day a girl named Tiara Shirley approached me and asked if I wanted to play basketball for the CYC Comets. Ever since that day basketball has become my passion and has helped me stay clear of trouble. The Boys & Girls Club of Kenosha has opened my eyes to the endless opportunities that I never imagined.” See more

Big Brothers / Big Sisters – Big Brother John and Little Brother Dominic

When Big Brother John and Little Brother first met, Dominic was a shy, energetic 8-year-old. With little contact with his father, he had developed trust and anger issues that ran deep. “Through his life there were a lot of male figures who always let him down,” Dominic’s mom says. A single parent whose disability and means kept her from being able to give Dominic opportunities that she wanted to, she decided to enroll him at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado. His mom says she thinks her son’s teenage years would have turned out a lot differently if he hadn’t had a Big Brother like John. “Without John in his life, he wouldn’t be graduating, he would be really disrespectful to adults, and getting in a lot more fights,” she says. Having John there to deal with his behavior and support him in his efforts to change his actions and his perspective has been key. Dominic got a job after graduating high school and is now enrolled in college. See more