100 Questions That Non-Members Ask about Unitarian Universalism


Beliefs, Creeds and Doctrines

What do Unitarian Universalists believe?
Which values do you hold highest?
Does the UUA have a creed?
Do you subscribe to any doctrines?
What do you NOT believe?
Do some UUs have different beliefs than other UUs?
Do you believe in God?
Do you believe in a personal God?
What role does God play in the Church?
Do you believe in the existence of spiritual beings?
Do you believe in miracles?
Do you believe in Jesus?
How do you regard the Bible?
Do you believe in life after death?
Do you believe in the concept of evolution?
What are the bonds that unify UUs?

Definitions and Differences
How do you think most churches would define a Christian?
Are UUs Christian?
How do you differ from Christians?
What do UUs and humanists have in common?
What is the difference between a Unitarian and a Universalist?
What might be considered the watch words of Unitarian Universalism?
What are some characteristics of UUs?
Is Unitarian Universalism really a religion?
What is your attitude toward other religious faiths such as Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism?
Do UUs believe in a universal religion?

Life, Death, Salvation, Sin
How do you regard death and how does this affect the way you live?
How do you regard sin?
How do you explain evil?
Can UUs go to heaven or hell?
What about salvation?
Do you believe in a Redeemer?
If you do not fear God, hell, or eternal damnation, what is your incentive to act morally and responsibly?

Attitudes and Interests
What is the your attitude toward women and minorities?
Would you categorize UUs as optimistic or pessimistic?
Do you believe Unitarian Universalism is the only true religion?
How would you characterize your religion?
How do you explain that bad things happen?
Where do you turn when you need support?
Are fears or threats part of your religion?
What role does science play in your church?

Is Unitarianism Universalism an American religion?
What is the history of Unitarian Universalism?
When did the merger of Unitarianism and Universalism take place?
How is Unitarian Universalism distinctive from other religions?

The Unitarian Universalist Association
What world-wide goals and values does the Unitarian Universalist Association promote in its Statement of Purpose and Principles?
Where are the headquarters of the UUA?
How is the president of the UUA selected?

Customs, Ceremonies, Celebrations
Is ceremony part of your tradition?
Do you have a baptism ceremony?
Is there an induction ceremony for new members?
Do UUs celebrate Christmas and Easter?
Do you accept cremation?
Do you pray during the service, and if so, to whom?
Do you pray at home?
Do UUs participate in prescribed rites and sacraments such as the Lord’s Supper, confirmation, confession and last rites?

The Unitarian Universalist Minister
How are UU ministers educated?
How do UU churches choose a minister?
Are there UU ministers who have entered the ministry from a non-Christian background?
What role does the minister play?
Do ministers of different churches espouse different beliefs?
Can a woman be a minister in the UU church?
What percentage of UU ministers currently employed in local churches are women?
What percentage of UU ministers are women?

The Unitarian Universalist Church
Is there a head of the church?
If most UUs do not believe in a personal God, why are the congregations called churches?
Do congregations reflect America’s social and racial diversity?
Do positions of leadership in UU congregations and in the UUA reflect or favor a particular religious background?
What do members do to reach out to organizations and groups in their community?
What do children learn and study in Sunday School?

How many UUs are there?
Is membership growing or declining?
How does the growth in membership compare to the growth of mainline Protestant churches?
How does the growth in Sunday School enrollment compare to that of Protestant churches?
What percentage of members are people with little experience in attending Sunday School or church services?
Are UUs hard to find?

The Service
What is a typical Sunday church service like?
What symbols do you display in your churches?
What is the significance of the flaming chalice?
What is the Flower Communion?
What is the extent of ritual in the church?
Why do some say that listening to a UU minister’s sermon is a lot like attending a college class?

Joining the Church
Can anyone be a Unitarian Universalist?
Would an atheist be welcome and made to feel comfortable? How about agnostics, Christians, Jews, Catholics, blacks, gays, or minorities?
How actively do you try to convert people?
Why do people become UUs?
Are more people changing to Unitarian Universalism than to other religions?
How might a person benefit by becoming a member?
Do most people join the church as adults?
When people decide to join your church, what role does the church of their parents play in their decision?
Is it common for people to shop around, visiting several churches before making a decision?
What are members required to do?
Are members expected to contribute financially to the church?

Taking a Position
Does the church take a position on public issues?
On what public issues has the church taken a position?
How active are UUs on social issues?
Despite government harassment, what controversial book did the UUA publish in the early 1970s?
What is the church’s view on abortion?

Unitarian Universalist Leaders
Who are some of the more famous UUs?

The Final Question
Why aren’t there more Unitarian Universalists?



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