Humanism: The 10 Most Asked Questions: Plus 75 More Short Q’s and A’s


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He addresses questions such as:

  1. What is a humanist?
  2. Who might be a humanist?
  3. What does a humanist believe about the purpose of life
  4. What does a humanist believe about the afterlife?
  5. What does a humanist believe about salvation?
  6. What does a humanist believe about evolution?
  7. What does a humanist believe about praying?
  8. What does a humanist believe about separation of church and state?
  9. What does a humanist believe about minorities?
  10. What does a humanist believe about miracles?

It is an e-book of 85 questions and answers in only 31 pages. Its intent is to provide a clear, quick and informative introduction to humanism. Some common traits of humanists are being critical thinkers, and skeptical about many claims. They work hard to get the truth, require evidence and proof, and often ask “Is this reasonable? Does it make sense?” They are generally compassionate, accepting and inclusive.

Here as some excerpts from recent reviews of his book:

“John Sias defines and demystifies this way to live your life.”

“An informative read that should clarify what humanists believe.”

“Dispels many of the misperceptions people may hold.”

” John’s book quickly explains that humanism is a way of thinking that can overlap other beliefs.”

“I think I’ve been a humanist all along!”

“If you want to be a good person, you don’t need to have a religious reason.”

“A Humanist Primer”

“John Sias’s Q&A style that distills the essential knowledge about a subject into a few short pages.”

“In this book, John has made the somewhat esoteric philosophy of Humanism into a rational but hopeful way of thinking about life.”

“John makes the point that it’s possible for humans to be and do “good” without the fear of the wrath of a supernatural God.”

“This book can be the starting point for a much deeper exploration into the richness of Humanistic thought.”

“I think this is a useful and helpful book for anyone trying to understand what humanism is.”

“This is a great way to introduce a reader to the concept of humanism.”


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