How Humanist Are You?


Humanist blog for release on March 7, 2016

How Humanist Are You?



Take a 10 question quiz from the British Humanist Assn.

You’ll find the quiz a fun thing to do.

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The Golden Rule

The Golden Rule is part of all major religions.
In none of them is a god required.

Treat others the way you want to be treated

What readers are saying about Humanism: The Ten Most Asked Questions

“…It struck me that if you want to be a good person, you don’t need to have a religious reason or belief in God behind it. Humanists do good because it makes sense, not because an ancient book tells them to do good. This sure makes sense to me.”

“It’s comforting to know that those of us who do not believe can feel a sense of community with other like minded people. Five stars.”

“This wonderful easy-to-read book provides a clear understandable view of how we can live a moral and ethical life without the need for rigid doctrine or dogma.”

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If a Humanist ever feels anger or frustration toward members of fundamental religions, it probably won’t be because of what that person believes, it will be because what that person’s religious beliefs drive that person to do. Such as:

  • Suicide bombings
  • Denying civil rights to others
  • Exporting fear and loathing to other countries
  • Bombing abortion clinics
  • “Honor killings”
  • Eliminating accurate science in education

These are examples of behaviors with broad impact that have been justified by religious faith.

Some famous non-believers you might recognize

  • W.C. Fields (comedian, actor, writer)
  • Henry Fonda (actor)
  • Karl Marx (philosopher, economist)
  • James Michener (writer)
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (composer)
  • Paul Newman (actor)
  • Jack Nicholson (actor)
  • Bill Nye (science educator, “The Science Guy”)
  • J. Robert Oppenheimer (father of the atomic bomb)
  • Eugene O’Neil (playwright).


A few Questions and Answers

Q. What are humanist beliefs based on?
A. Humanist beliefs are based on evidence and reasonable proof. Has this (belief, concept, etc.) been good for mankind?

Q. If God appeared on earth, would Humanists believe that God exists?
A. If the evidence were valid, they certainly would believe that he, she or it exists.

Q. Are nonbelievers trying to argue that they are superior to believers?
A. No, they seek only to be regarded as equal to believers.


To be a good person and to do good things, it is not necessary to have a belief in a supernatural being.