A Theology of Atheism


Letters to the Editor are among the most-read sections of every newspaper and magazine. Back on May 31, 2015, the New York Times ran a feature titled, “Wanted: a Theology of Atheism. What should people who don’t believe in God believe instead?”

One week later the paper ran several letters to the editor. Here are some excerpts.

John Rafferty of New York writes, “The only thing that will change the minds of the people who believe, against all evidence, that secularism will cause Americans to “slide into moral anarchy” is to actually meet atheists, to recognize the decent, moral, freethinking friends and family all around them.”

Phyllis Jamison of Portland, Oregon writes, “I hope, however that we will shun the “atheist” label, and that we’ll remember that we needn’t denigrate the beliefs and practices of organized religions in order to enjoy the cooperation, companionship and comfort of our own religious freedom.”

Bob Liege of St. Augustine, Florida writes, “Surely, human reason, reliance on the scientific method and a sense of morality based on a secular version of the Golden Rule are all that are required to enable the rational actor and, in turn, a civil society.”

And Mark Jones of Cortlandt Manor, NY pens,”…As for morality, what more does one need other than to do unto others as you would have others do unto you?”