At Risk Youth


Helping Youth Success Stories

Here are some inspirational success stories of wonderful organizations that have mad a significant difference in the lives of At Risk Youth. You can also read the original stories and more details via the “See…

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Some Organizations That Help Children

 Youth, poverty and problems (New York Times Oct 2016) “Too many American kids are up for failure when they are born into what might be called the “broken class,” where violence, mental illness, drugs and…


What You Might Do To Help A Youth

Be a Big Brother Be a Big Sister Be a tutor in school Coach a team. Baseball, softball, soccer, football, lacrosse, tennis, swimming. Be an Assistant Coach. Be a foster parent Volunteer in a school…


How Problems Affect Our Youth

 And How Some REACT They skip classes. They quit school. They steal. They get poor grades in school. They fight. They hate. They go to jail. They drink. They use drugs. They sell drugs.  …


The Problems Of Our “At-Risk” Youth

There are millions of youths in America who have problems not of their own making. Often called “society’s innocent victims,” these young citizens need the help of us caring adults. Today, we are beginning a…